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Coffee Log 18

20 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Today’s experiment was pretty casual. I used 4 round-ish tablespoons of grounds and set the burner to 6 (this was today’s independent variable). All in all, I had pretty unremarkable results, although, the brew time was nice and quick, taking just 3:13” to start dripping, and 3:41” to complete. I also didn’t have to deal with the high-energy explosions the low-grounds brews seem to cause.

Coffee Log 17

19 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Relative to yesterday’s revelation, today’s cup of coffee wasn’t anything to call home about. If anything, it made me realize that I was, in fact, drinking coffee-flavored tea all along. An interesting note about these sub-3 Tbsp brews is how fast the top chamber fills once the coffee starts dripping (which is also pretty fast). Today it only took 15 seconds for the top chamber to fill; 3:36” to 3:51”.

Coffee Log 16

18 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

So I might be a crazy person, but I made my coffee today with half the amount of grounds I’ve been using for the past several days (2 rounded Tbsp), and it actually came out pretty well. It only took 3:24” to starting pouring out, and 3:49” to completely finish.

Coffee Log 15

17 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Today I continued the plan the I postponed yesterday and made a single cup of coffee with almost 5 tablespoons (4.7 to be exact) of coffee grounds. It was a stiff brew, but not necessarily in a bad way. The time to drip was 4:16” and the time to completion was 4:46”.

Coffee Log 14

16 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

This is by far the latest I’ve every written a coffee log entry. Hopefully the latest I’ll ever go. When I woke up, I really wasn’t feeling like rigorous experimenting, so I poured in grounds until I had about 3/4 centimeters clearance from the top of the filter.

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