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Comparing Linked Lists in C

01 Oct 2018

  • #programming
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As I may have mentioned briefly in the Coffee Log, part of my morning routine is to solve a problem or two on HackerRank, just to stay frosty. I’ve decided to start writing about my solutions just as an act of reflection to help me fully comprehend the questions.

Coffee Log 24

01 Oct 2018

  • #coffee

Good morning and welcome to the first October Edition of the Coffee Log. Right to it then. Today I made my cup with 4 Tbsp of grounds, just for the fun of it, with everything else the same as always. Things were a little slow to get moving, with the first drips coming down around 3:44”, but I watched the chamber fill with similar speed, finishing in just 4:01”. This could have been due to filling the bottom chamber up just slightly more than usual (I didn’t bother pouring any back out when I passed the mark).

Coffee Log 23

28 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Today I set out to discover whether 3 and a half tablespoons was really the ideal amount of coffee grounds to use in the Moka Express. Well, if the magic number isn’t 3.5, it’s awfully close.

Coffee Log 22

27 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Good Thursday morning to you all. Today I started my day with the expected light roast, which I brewed in my Moka Express set on a gas burner on medium heat (setting 5) and 2 and 2/3 Tbsp of coffee grounds. It took 3:17” for coffee to start pouring out into the top chamber, and 3:28” for the brew to complete.

Coffee Log 21

26 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Welcome back to the Coffee Log. I’ve had a couple skips in the last few days. Yesterday, for instance, there was no post because I didn’t make coffee in the morning (yes, that’s the first time since starting the Log that this has happened). Although, I still had a cup a little later from the machine at work, so I suppose I could have written about that.

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