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KDD Daily Roundup 03

07 Aug 2019

  • #data science

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of my KDD 25 Roundup. Yesterday was all about timeseries data and real-time detection. Today has been a nice change of pace: rather than watch paper presentations, I attended a day-ish long tutorial session on Databricks.

KDD Daily Roundup 02

06 Aug 2019

  • #data science

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of my KDD 25 Roundup. Yesterday we looked at adversarial attacks on machine learning models, and how to defend against them, with some focus on graph models. Today’s themes are timeseries data and real-time detection systems.

KDD Daily Roundup 01

05 Aug 2019

  • #data science

As I write this, I’m tucked away in the north-western corner of North America in Anchorage, Alaska, attending the 25th ACM SIGKDD Conference of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. I’m here to soak up some of the cutting edge data science coming out of some of the top research institutions of the word (commercial, academic, and government alike), and to enjoy the tranquil majesty of the last frontier. This post is a quick run down of some of the good bits from the Monday (Aug. 5) sessions I attended.

How I Do an Analysis

19 May 2019

  • #data science
  • #python

I’ve been working as a full-time data scientist for the better part of a year now and wanted to take a moment to step back and document my process.

Coffee Log 28

08 Apr 2019

  • #coffee

Good morning dear reader. This has been a long time coming. Welcome back to the Coffee Log.

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