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Maker, Builder, Hacker

24 Jan 2017

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Over the weekend I read A Portrait of J. Random Hacker, an article about the people of “the hacker community” according to a Usenet survey (I couldn’t find any information about the author other than that his first name might be “James”). The article discusses a few different attributes of “the hacker,” to the end of showing outsiders who they are and what makes them tick.

Thoughts on Superpowers

17 Jan 2017

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  • #computer science

Is programming a super-power? Why or why not? What are the implications if it is? I recently read a pretty compelling argument for why programming is not a super power.

Week 00

16 Jan 2017

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Hello all, I’m Will Badart, a junior at the University of Notre Dame studying computer science and security. I’m from Seattle, am a proud Knight of Keenan Hall, and my fun fact is that I have a twin sister.

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