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Multiple Web Servers on a Single Box with NGINX

03 Feb 2017

  • #tutorial
  • #web

I wanted to take a quick break from our normal programming to share with you a nifty little feature of NGINX I recently learned about. If you’re here for my next ethics post, you’ll have to wait for another couple days.

The Blind Leading the Blind?

30 Jan 2017

  • #hiring
  • #career

No matter how you spin it, computer science is a young field, especially compared to the other industries Domers go to. As such, there’s still a lot to figure out (in other news, Water: Wet). Today I want to talk about the figuring we need to do with respect to career management, and I’ll do so by sharing my personal experiences in the matter.

Maker, Builder, Hacker

24 Jan 2017

  • #about
  • #hackers
  • #computer science

Over the weekend I read A Portrait of J. Random Hacker, an article about the people of “the hacker community” according to a Usenet survey (I couldn’t find any information about the author other than that his first name might be “James”). The article discusses a few different attributes of “the hacker,” to the end of showing outsiders who they are and what makes them tick.

Thoughts on Superpowers

17 Jan 2017

  • #programming
  • #software engineering
  • #computer science

Is programming a super-power? Why or why not? What are the implications if it is? I recently read a pretty compelling argument for why programming is not a super power.

Week 00

16 Jan 2017

  • #about
  • #introduction
  • #privacy
  • #ai

Hello all, I’m Will Badart, a junior at the University of Notre Dame studying computer science and security. I’m from Seattle, am a proud Knight of Keenan Hall, and my fun fact is that I have a twin sister.

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