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Conversations on Diversity

14 Feb 2017

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It’s funny that we talked about work life balance last week, since this morning I stayed up until three working on a feature (Booz Allen project) that will be demoed to a principle this afternoon. It also got me to thinking about burnout, the other topic of discussion last week, and how I avoid it (if you’re wondering about the title, we’ll get to diversity in a sec, just let me ramble for a moment). I think I avoid burnout by rebooting projects.

Employment Grab-bag

07 Feb 2017

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There was a lot of reading for this week. Dr. Bui, I did my best to get to most of it, but I might have skipped one or two articles. Below you’ll find some casual musings and meandering trains of thought about what it’s like to be a professional programmer/ software engineer/ computer scientist, etc.

Code of Ethics

03 Feb 2017

  • #computer science
  • #privacy

As part of the course, we studied codes of ethics for computer scientists. In particular, we analyzed the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The culmination of this analysis was the writing of a new code of ethics: I partnered with classmate Dan Currie (fellow Keenan Knight) and we wrote a code of ethics specifically for Notre Dame computer science majors.

Multiple Web Servers on a Single Box with NGINX

03 Feb 2017

  • #tutorial
  • #web

I wanted to take a quick break from our normal programming to share with you a nifty little feature of NGINX I recently learned about. If you’re here for my next ethics post, you’ll have to wait for another couple days.

The Blind Leading the Blind?

30 Jan 2017

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  • #career

No matter how you spin it, computer science is a young field, especially compared to the other industries Domers go to. As such, there’s still a lot to figure out (in other news, Water: Wet). Today I want to talk about the figuring we need to do with respect to career management, and I’ll do so by sharing my personal experiences in the matter.

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