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18 Apr 2017

  • #ai
  • #philosophy
  • #sci-fi

This week I’d like to explore whether AI might ever be considered “minds,” or by extension, robots ever considered people. It’s something I touched on ever so briefly in one of my earliest posts.

Eduroam on Arch Linux

11 Apr 2017

  • #arch linux
  • #tutorial

Before we begin, I just want to mention that I have posts about AI and automation in the works, so get hyped for those. Before I publish those, however, I wanted to put out this tutorial on connecting to Notre Dame’s Eduroam network on Arch Linux because I struggled with it for several days and just found a solution.

Cloud Adventure pt. 2

02 Apr 2017

  • #cloud
  • #tutorial

This is a casual sequel to last week’s tutorial on getting nginx set up with HTTPS. Towards the end of that post, I dropped a reference to a new subdomain on, This new record points to my installation of Nextcloud, an open source, self-hosted alternative to such cloud-storage services as Google Drive and Box.


31 Mar 2017

  • #security
  • #tutorial
  • #web

Below is a long-winded exposition of my recent sysadmin tribulations. To cut to the chase (the tutorial on configuring NGINX with HTTPS), please follow this anchor.

I Have No Strong Feelings One Way or the Other

30 Mar 2017

  • #net neutrality
  • #law
  • #freedom of speech

Like the issue of corporate personhood we discussed last time, most of my exposure to net neutrality has been one-sided (the affirmative side, that is). This wasn’t conscious or on purpose, just something I’ve noticed in retrospect.

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