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07 Sep 2018

  • #security
  • #tutorial
  • #web

Many moons ago I wrote a tutorial about how to imbue your NGINX server with SLL using the EFF’s certbot (which you can read here). Well, by my estimation (from looking at certbot’s release schedule on GitHub) I was using v0.22.2, which is 5 minor releases behind the current 0.27.1 version. And, in my usage of the tool, I’ve found that NGINX mode has come a long way.

Coffee Log 04

06 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

To continue my experiment in the factors of bitterness, today I inverted day 2’s brew: full filter compartment, lid-open brewing. (All the other factors, like bean and grind, stove temperature, etc. have been controlled for).

Coffee Log 03

05 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

As planned, today I tried brewing with the lid closed and slightly fewer grounds in the filter. I was trying to isolate the factor responsible for yesterday’s more mild brew. Today, it took 8:18” for the joe to start pouring out from the sprout, and about 20 seconds to fill the top chamber.

HDSK Development Blog Intro

04 Sep 2018

  • #haskell
  • #data science
  • #functional programming

During my last semester at school, I started to dabble in the world of functional programming. I picked up a little Haskell, watched a number of talks by some really smart people (TODO: find and link to said talks) about some really clever ideas.

Coffee Log 02

04 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Let’s get to it. Today I used the same beans as yesterday, Trader Joe’s Joe medium roast coffee grounds, but a little bit less than yesterday; I left maybe a half centimeter between the top of the grounds and the lip of the filter compartment.

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