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Coffee Log 08

10 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Today is the first day of my new job, so I wanted start things off on the right foot– with a cup of coffee I knew I’d like.

Decision Tree Decisions

09 Sep 2018

  • #hdsk
  • #haskell
  • #functional programming
  • #data science

I recently gutted the decision tree module. The original implementation was based on my toy project from last semester, decisiontree.hs. The goal of that original project was just to see if I could implement models and algorithms from my machine learning and data science classes in Haskell; it was more an exercise in the language than it was anything else.

Coffee Log 07

09 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Welcome to the 1-week anniversary edition of the Coffee Log. Our brew has come a long way during these past 7 days, with daily ratings gradually climbing and brew times steadily falling.

Coffee Log 06

08 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

In light of yesterday’s difficulties, I made sure to be extra meticulous to get everything right this morning. And I believe it payed off.

Coffee Log 05

07 Sep 2018

  • #coffee

Today was my first day playing with the temperature of the burner. I’d noticed the Express was feeling a little sluggish, and on one day couldn’t even push the water through the grounds without a little boost from the burner.

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