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04 Sep 2018

During my last semester at school, I started to dabble in the world of functional programming. I picked up a little Haskell, watched a number of talks by some really smart people (TODO: find and link to said talks) about some really clever ideas.

At first it was mostly an academic exercise, but I slowly began to realize that functional programming concepts belong in general programming practice (here is a research paper from 1994 comparing prototyping productivity in a handful of programming languages. Some key results are shown below).

Haskell vs. ...

What’s more is the growing reliance on parallelism for performance; when your processor can only go so fast, you need to start doing more than one thing at once to finish the greater task faster. Functional programming lends itself well to this paradigm, since there’s no shared state between pure functions.

I say all of this (and believe me, there’s still more to say) to motivate the use of functional programming in data science. For instance, the models which underpin real-time data systems are some of the most performance-sensitive applications in data science, and must often fold together many parallel streams of input. Why would you not choose the paradigm that makes it easiest to manage the innate complexity of a system like this?

There are lots of folks out there who have said it better than this, and I’ll be linking them in future posts. For now, here’s the talk by Rich Hickey which got me started down this whole rabbit hole:

Unfortunately, the data science ecosystem around Haskell (many believe) is pretty sparse, so adoption is lagging.

To remedy this (and to deepen my understanding of Haskell and functional programming in general) I’ve begun work on the Haskell Data Science Kit, or HDSK. Through HDSK, I hope to provide all the basic tooling that libraries like scikit-learn provide and make it easy for data scientists to take full advantage of the benefits of functional programming.

I’ve stated some goals for the project in the repo homepage, and have sketched out some planned modules and higher-level steps I want to take in the wiki.

Through this blog – in addition to the wiki and other documentation – I’ll be journalling design decisions about the library, brainstorms, and other miscellaneous thoughts that I feel ought to be documented. Stay tuned for further posts with the hdsk tag.

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