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Eduroam on Arch Linux

11 Apr 2017

Before we begin, I just want to mention that I have posts about AI and automation in the works, so get hyped for those. Before I publish those, however, I wanted to put out this tutorial on connecting to Notre Dame’s Eduroam network on Arch Linux because I struggled with it for several days and just found a solution.

  1. Get your hands on wpa_supplicant and connman. connman comes from the AUR, so you’ll need to use pacaur, yaourt, or some other AUR enabled pacman wrapper (unless you’ve already configured pacman to be AUR enabled, in which case, you’re good to go!). Here’s the list of so-called “AUR helpers” from the Arch wiki.

     $ yaourt -S connman wpa_supplicant
  2. Add a connman configuration for Eduroam. Save the following to /var/lib/connman/eduroam.config, replacing mynetid and mypassword with your Notre Dame netid and password respectively (see the wiki page on connman for reference).

  3. Enable the services so they start at boot.

     $ systemctl enable wpa_supplicant connman
  4. Restart both of those services to connect.

     $ systemctl restart wpa_supplicant connman

    Alternatively, reboot your computer to make sure the whole auto-startup business works. This is the profit step; you should be connected once it’s done.

An interesting thing that I’ll note before leaving you is that when I’m connected to Eduroam, I’ve found that I can access the internet just fine (browse the web, curl around, ssh into the blog server, etc.) but I don’t get replies from pings. Not sure what the deal is here, but just thought I’d mention it FYSA.

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