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Coffee Log 31

11 Feb 2020

Today, on the Coffee Log, we’ll be sitting down with the next entry in the World Market Direct Trade Coffee Sampler: the Hawaiian Kona Blend.

The box describes the Kona Blend as a simple coffee: a “medium roast with a mild, sweet, and mellow body.” The aroma seems to match this simple profile; no fruit, spice, berries, or citrus to speak of, just pure, unadulterated coffee scent. As with the Moka Java, the body is a little hazy, which supports my suspicion that it’s more due to the granularity World Market chose for the grind than to anything about the particular coffee. Speaking of the body, I’ll note that it’s a very nice color: a lighter, sort of auburn brown, verging on reddish.

The flavor of this blend is pretty much exactly what was promised on the tin. The first thing you’ll notice taking a sip is that you aren’t noticing anything. I might go so far as to say that this cup has such a quintessential coffee flavor — there are no complex notes or subtleties to contemplate — that the only reaction you can have is just pure, simple enjoyment. I talked about an easy-to-down crowd-pleaser in the last log entry; this is it (though I’m sure you’d rather savor this great cup than down it).

The Hawaiian Kona Blend is a simple brew that trusts in the deliciousness of the humble coffee bean, letting the pure coffee flavors shine without dressing them up in spices or lemon or whatever. 9.5/10, guaranteed hit among coffee lovers.

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