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Coffee Log 30

25 Jan 2020

Welcome back to the Coffee Log. Today, we’ll be looking at the Ethiopian Moka Java, part of World Market’s Direct Trade Coffee Sampler.

The Moka Java is a medium/ light roast Arabica bean, described as having “bright citrus notes and a mellow, spice-laced body.” The brew itself is a little hazy (could just be the fine grounds; the coffee came ground), and when you lift the mug to your face, that tangy citrus element is the first thing you’ll notice.

In terms of flavor, this coffee has low to medium acidity and bitterness, just enough to make it interesting in my opinion, but probably too much for someone who’s looking for an easy-to-down crowd-pleaser. I can’t say I found the “spiced” element of the description to be all to strong; I almost want to call the flavor more floral than spiced. The very light bite of bitterness will definitely get your attention, but the subtle notes of lemon will keep it.

The Moka Java is a great brew that offers a little something extra for anyone looking for that extra element of interest on top of your basic coffee flavors. 8.6/10

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