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Coffee Log 29

26 Aug 2019

Welcome back to the Coffee Log. Today we’ll be looking at Trader Joe’s Organic Sumatra Coffee. I don’t remember the last time I reviewed an Indonesian coffee in the series, so it’s possible this is the first!

Trader Joe's Organic Sumatra

Trader Joe's Organic Sumatra Coffee (source)

T-Joe’s Sumatra coffee is a medium-dark roast with 100% Arabica beans. I chose a somewhat medium-grained grind, somewhere in the “auto-drip” region of the dial. I unfortunately don’t have the timings for brewing the cup in my Bialetti Moka Express, but I should note that all future timings shouldn’t be compared to installment 28 or prior, as I’m on a new stove in a new apartment now.

The brew spills into the top chamber of the Express a dark, rich, almost red shade before pooling into the familiar dark, earthy brown of a cup of black coffee. My nose is a little blocked this morning, but from what I can tell, the brew is giving off a mild, nearly sweet aroma; very pleasant.

In describing the actual flavor of the coffee, I think the label actually gets it pretty spot on: smooth with earthy notes. To that first point, this is one of the least bitter cups of coffee I’ve had in recent memory; it’s very well balanced in terms of acidity. To the second, I’ve always had some trouble with the adjective “earthy,” it’s really hard to put my finger on the specific characteristics that make a coffee, beer, wine, etc. “earthy.” But this cup fits the bill. Something about it tastes earthy (in a good way, not in a drinking dirt way). Maybe that’s just the power of suggestion from the label, who knows.

I really dig the mellowness of this bean and roast, and that well-balanced acidity is one of the big things I look for in a great cup of coffee. 9.25/10. I’m withholding the perfect 10 because I’d like to see if a lighter roast could ever achieve the qualities I picked up on this morning, and because I think I got the grind just one level too fine.

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