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Coffee Log 27

05 Nov 2018

Welcome back to the coffee log. My process has developed a pretty steady holding pattern, so there hasn’t been a lot to report lately. However, I’ve finally finished my canister of pumpkin spice coffee, and have moved on to the dark roast.

I’m a little rusty, so I didn’t capture the time to drip, but the whole process was done inside of 3:45”. An interesting note is the pace that the finished coffee was pushed into the top filter; the dark roast grounds are noticeably finer than the pumpkin spice (which was a medium-dark roast) and the brew seems to bubble up much slower (and less explosively at the end).

I eye-balled a ~90% full filter (probably a little over 3 Tbsp, but not by much), and brewed with the lid open and burner on 5.


I had admittedly low expectations for this coffee; all the coffee vendors back at school were consistent in nothing if not flubbing their dark roasts. That was probably a product of how long it just sat out in whatever unattended carafe.

But cup was actually quite good. I was spared the odd, bitter tanginess I grew used to from dark roasts at school, and instead found a rich, quintessentially “coffee” flavor, no frills or distractions. As we speak, I’m taking my last few sips from the mug, and the flavor holds (although, it is a little dusty down here, probably from the fineness of the grounds).

My nose is a little stuffy today, so unfortunately I can’t report too authoritatively on the smell.

My past experience had led me to believe that I was really more of a medium roast kind of guy, but this cup this morning might have changed my mind. 7.7/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I probably won’t be back tomorrow, seeing as the process has stabilized. I think this will actually be the new rhythm for the Coffee Log; I’ll post reviews of new beans and roasts as I find them. Also, this way, the feed will be little less coffee-clogged and let some of the other geeky goodness shine through.

Until next time.

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