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Coffee Log 26

13 Oct 2018

Welcome back to the Coffee Log. I’ve been on hiatus since nothing noteworthy was going on with the remainder of my light roast.

I’ve now returned. My plan was to pick up a bag of the T Joe’s dark roast and welcome you back with a “spooky Halloween” edition (since it’s mid October and you know, “dark” roast?). However, those plans changed at the last minute, and now I’ve returned to you with the Whimsical Autumn Edition of the Coffee Log.

Yes, instead of a bland dark roast, I came home this morning with a canister of *Pumpkin Spice coffee. In short, it’s a spiced medium dark roast. The base is a regular Arabica, and to that, Sir Joe has added orange peel, cinnamon, “natural pumpkin spice flavor,” allspice, nutmeg, and vanilla beans (this is the order they appear on the ingredient list, to give you an idea of the proportions).

I brewed the cup under otherwise normal parameters: burner set to 5, lid open. It took 3:25” to start dripping, and 3:36” to be all the way done. I used three slightly rounded tablespoons of grounds.


There’s so much more to talk about in terms of flavor with this cup. When you take a whiff, you can hardly tell there’s coffee beneath the sweet aroma of those autumnal spices. When you take your first sip, however, you’re gently reminded, “yes, you are drinking coffee, and it’s delicious.”

The tried and true Arabica provides a stable, if uninteresting base flavor, which readily yields to the more interesting spices on top of it. I think the one you notice first hast to be the pumpkin or the cinnamon, but the nutmeg definitely rests on the palate the longest. I’m very happy to award the first 9/10 of the series.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I feel like I really touched on something good today, and I don’t want to mess it up. Let’s see about fine-tuning the grounds volume (as usual; it seems to be the trickiest thing to nail down), starting with a little under-filling tomorrow. The packaging recommends 2 Tbsp per 6oz of coffee. I make 8oz (I think) which translates to 2 1/3 Tbsp. We’ll try that out tomorrow.

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