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Coffee Log 25

02 Oct 2018

Welcome to the casual late morning/ early afternoon edition of the Coffee Log. I had a wild time at work last night preparing a machine learning demo for my company’s booth at The Atlantic Festival. As a result, I took the morning off and had a nice slow start to the day.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

This morning, I eyeballed a pretty full filter, saw coffee at 2:51” and it was ready to go at 3:01”. It’s also the first morning in a while that I missed the explosion at the end and had a little cleanup to do (the freshly spilled joe comes up pretty easily with a sponge).


I wish I’d measured my grounds so I could say for sure that this is the most I’ve used with the light roast so far. But, since I didn’t, I can only say I think it is. My coffee today was, dark, bold, and bitter. I must say though that no matter how concentrated a brew I put together with the light roast, the aroma is never quite as there as it was for the medium roast.

I liked it. I would drink it again, but I’d probably choose something a little more balanced first. 6.9/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

It might be time to do some digging online to try and find the next steps for taking my brew up a notch. Like I said, I don’t think preheating the top chamber will do much for this setup, but I might try it eventually.

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