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Coffee Log 24

01 Oct 2018

Good morning and welcome to the first October Edition of the Coffee Log. Right to it then.

Today I made my cup with 4 Tbsp of grounds, just for the fun of it, with everything else the same as always. Things were a little slow to get moving, with the first drips coming down around 3:44”, but I watched the chamber fill with similar speed, finishing in just 4:01”. This could have been due to filling the bottom chamber up just slightly more than usual (I didn’t bother pouring any back out when I passed the mark).


I’m really enjoying this coffee, more than I have for many of my previous light roast brews. Something about this concentration of coffee seems to accent the lower notes that I found myself missing, relative to the medium roast.

What I really need is a side-by-side-by-side comparison between this config, the 3.5 Tbsp config, and a medium roast; having to wait 24 hours between comparisons is really tricky (though it does make it slightly easier to judge each cup in its own right). It’s going to be a 7.1/10 from me today. It feels like it’s going to be harder to cross that bitterness line with the light roast than was for the medium.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I’m feeling pretty casual in terms of how I use the rest of this light roast. Maybe I’ll alternate back to the 3.5 Tbsp brew and get a better comparison. I also realized that pre-heating the top chamber is going to be a little tricky (maybe tricky isn’t the right word… cumbersome?) since the Express is my main vessel for heating water. I’ll have to use my frying pan to heat up a splash of water to add to the top chamber.

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