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Coffee Log 21

26 Sep 2018

Welcome back to the Coffee Log. I’ve had a couple skips in the last few days. Yesterday, for instance, there was no post because I didn’t make coffee in the morning (yes, that’s the first time since starting the Log that this has happened). Although, I still had a cup a little later from the machine at work, so I suppose I could have written about that.

This morning’s brew (I’m coming to you with a retrospective today; it’s about 8PM at the moment) was not hugely different from Monday’s. I used a little less coffee (3 Tbsp), but the impact wasn’t huge. We saw coffee at 3:29” and had a full chamber at 3:42”. I tell you, this light roast fills up the chamber fast once it starts going.


Like I mentioned, the feature’s of today’s joe were not intensely different from Monday’s. As you might have come to suspect, it was simply a milder version. This includes of course the aroma and those zingy high notes of the flavor I’ve described before. Perhaps it’s a marginal move in the right direction, but as you can here, my judgement isn’t exactly dripping with confidence.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Let’s keep this thread going; I’ll take off another teaspoon from the brew, putting me at 2 and 2/3 Tbsp.

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