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Coffee Log 20

24 Sep 2018

Exciting changes are afoot for the Coffee Log. Starting this past Saturday, I’ve been using my brand new Trader Joe’s light roast Arabica grounds. I was expecting to be able to make a direct comparison to the medium roast and proclaim definitively that I prefer one to the other, but to be honest, the flavor profiles of these two roasts are so different, it’s apples and oranges.

This mornings brew was comprised of 3.3 Tbsp of the new light roast grounds, burner set to 5 and Express lid open. Time to drip was a slightly slower than average 3:34” and time to completion was 3:54”. (I’ll add that today was one of my more precise time measurements; sometimes, I’ll be looking away when the drip starts, or I’ll stop the timer late because I’m preoccupied containing the explosion, but today I hit both marks pretty much right on the money).


When I took my very first sip of the light roast on Saturday (9/22, apologies for the absence, I had a busy weekend) I had an audible reaction to sheer difference in the flavor, compared to the medium roast. Now that my expectations have been adjusted, I no longer have this reaction externally, but still feel a muted form of it internally.

The aroma of this light roast doesn’t immediately betray the brighter, almost fruitier body that your first sips will reveal. What the light roast lacks in deep, nutty tones, it makes up for in a diverse array of highlights which really put the top of your palette to work.

It’s pretty hard for me to pin down where on the numerical scale I put this coffee. Nonetheless, I’ll do it, for science. If nothing else, this cup has got me excited to fine-tune my light brewing game, and see the differences in which parameters most help this roast to shine. 6.8/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I ended up with a little too much bitterness in the final sips of the cup, so I’m going to check and see tomorrow how reducing the grounds volume goes. Like before, I’ll make steps in 1-tspn increments, putting me at 3 Tbsp even tomorrow.

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