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Coffee Log 19

21 Sep 2018

Welcome to the casual Friday edition of Coffee Log. By casual Friday, I mean I didn’t do any strict measuring, and that there isn’t a whole lot to say about it. I finally used up the medium roast; the remainder of the bag filled the filter up most of the way, leaving maybe the width of three quarters between the top of the grounds mound and the lip of the filter. Brew time was ~3:20”.


This coffee is actually pretty solid. It’s reintroduced some of the bitter notes familiar to the 4-Tbsp+ brews of the past week, but not in an aggressive way. The aroma has a slight sourness to it, which makes me think that the second half of this cup is going to have that over-brewed tanginess that I really don’t like. Maybe I’ll just chug it before it cools down.

Overall: strong, warming, full-bodied. 7.2/10. It really irks me that since I started meticulously measuring out the grounds, I’ve awarded my highest scores on the days when I just eyeball it :/

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Time to try the new light roast! I think I’m going to start things off under the most successful parameters and see where we go from there. I suspect that the ideal grounds volume for medium roast won’t be the same as that for the light roast, so there’ll definitely be some fine-tuning to do.

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