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Coffee Log 18

20 Sep 2018

Today’s experiment was pretty casual. I used 4 round-ish tablespoons of grounds and set the burner to 6 (this was today’s independent variable). All in all, I had pretty unremarkable results, although, the brew time was nice and quick, taking just 3:13” to start dripping, and 3:41” to complete. I also didn’t have to deal with the high-energy explosions the low-grounds brews seem to cause.


At this point, I’m mostly just biding my time until the medium roast runs out, so I’m not disappointed in how this cup turned out. Maybe 6 is too hot. Not sure. All I can say is that the main word that comes to mind describing my coffee this morning was “unimpressive” (though not exceptionally awful). 6/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I should have just enough medium roast left to try things out at burner setting 7 (which I suspect is going to be a bit much). Nonetheless, we’ll give it a shot, and as always, see what happens.

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