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Coffee Log 17

19 Sep 2018

Relative to yesterday’s revelation, today’s cup of coffee wasn’t anything to call home about. If anything, it made me realize that I was, in fact, drinking coffee-flavored tea all along. An interesting note about these sub-3 Tbsp brews is how fast the top chamber fills once the coffee starts dripping (which is also pretty fast). Today it only took 15 seconds for the top chamber to fill; 3:36” to 3:51”.

At this speed, it also seems to be more prone to exploding early; I took the Express of the burner before I stopped the clock and set it down in the sink just in time to contain the spurting. I had the same experience yesterday.


After sipping some room-temperature tap water, I realized that I was (almost certainly) right yesterday in suspecting the sweet notes were coming from the tap. I don’t mean to give the wrong impression – it’s not like I get sugar water from the sink – but there’s a certain softness to this water that my brain registers as sweet.

If nothing else, it smelled nice, and didn’t taste bad. Perhaps most importantly, it allowed me to see how overblown my reaction yesterday was. I won’t make coffee with this few grounds again. 5.5/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Now that we’ve established a baseline for grounds volume (we want to see at least 3 Tbsp) I feel comfortable continuing the temperature investigation for the remainder of the bag of medium roast.

I already have an entry for burner level 6, but that was before I was measuring out my grounds. The best rating for a measured amount was 7.9, awarded to my day 8 brew, which used 4 Tbsp of grounds. If I don’t have 4 Tbsp left, then I’ll just use whatever’s in there.

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