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Coffee Log 16

18 Sep 2018

So I might be a crazy person, but I made my coffee today with half the amount of grounds I’ve been using for the past several days (2 rounded Tbsp), and it actually came out pretty well. It only took 3:24” to starting pouring out, and 3:49” to completely finish.


It came out a normal, dark color, and had a normal, dark smell. Maybe the real difference is that I’ve ventured out of espresso territory, and back down into regular coffee territory (though I’ll admit, I don’t really know what the technical difference is).

The flavor was, of course, very mild, with nothing bold or exciting (per se) to speak of. However, something entirely new happened today, which is that I was finally able to notice some of the feint natural sweetness of the brew. I don’t know if it’s from the water, or if I’m just so used to that stiff bitter brew from the last few days, but there was definitely a little hint of something sweet.

I probably undershot the mark a little and would prefer to use a little more coffee moving forward, but it was a very interesting experience having my assumptions about this side of the spectrum totally shattered (I thought I’d be drinking coffee-flavored tea today). 7/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Like I mentioned, I’d like to bump the strength up a bit, so tomorrow I’ll try 2.7 Tbsp (2 Tbsp, 2 tspn). This should round out the flavor profile, as I’ll have logs for 2 Tbsp up through 4.7. Great timing too, because I’m just about ready to crack open the new bag of light roast grounds!

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