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Coffee Log 15

17 Sep 2018

Today I continued the plan the I postponed yesterday and made a single cup of coffee with almost 5 tablespoons (4.7 to be exact) of coffee grounds. It was a stiff brew, but not necessarily in a bad way. The time to drip was 4:16” and the time to completion was 4:46”.


Today was the first time in a while my coffee had a notably strong, even aggressive aroma. Where I feel it broke the pattern was that the bitterness of the sips that followed was not overwhelming (though it was even more noticeable than the past few days). What’s more is that the second half of the cup did not have that dreadful sourness that often follows up a stronger brew.

That being said, now that the cup is finished, I can still taste some of the bitter remnants in the corners of my mouth, which tells me we might have reached the far end of the grounds volume spectrum. By my estimate, the filter could probably hold the better part of another tablespoon, but I don’t think we need to find out what will happen if we fill it up that much.

Like I said, the coffee was strong, enjoyable, but just over the line in terms of bitterness. 7/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

As I was cramming the filter full of grounds this morning, I finally read the packaging of my medium roast grounds, which recommended using 2 tablespoons of grounds per 8oz. of coffee. I’m pretty sure I have an 8oz. mug, so by T Joe’s recommendation, I’ve been way overdoing it for days. Tomorrow, I’ll try the 2-Tbsp recommendation, and if it ends up being watery swill, at least we’ll know.

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