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Coffee Log 14

16 Sep 2018

This is by far the latest I’ve every written a coffee log entry. Hopefully the latest I’ll ever go. When I woke up, I really wasn’t feeling like rigorous experimenting, so I poured in grounds until I had about 3/4 centimeters clearance from the top of the filter.

And I’ll be damned, it was delicious.


This mystery cup brought me back to my first breakthrough from day 6, the one that really made me excited about this project. Everything I said in that post applies today. 8/10.

In the spirit of non-rigor described above, I did fail to time the brew.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Since I didn’t get it done today, tomorrow I’m going to go through with the plan I proposed yesterday: make a brew with 4.7 Tbsp of grounds.

I also picked out my next bag of grounds today: it’s the same bean, T Joe’s Arabica, but in the light roast variety (unfortunately, I couldn’t find it online anywhere; Amazon only carries the medium and dark roasts).

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