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Coffee Log 13

15 Sep 2018

Welcome to the weekend edition of Coffee Log™. It’s day 5 of the rigorous grounds investigation, and today we’ve hit a new high in volume: 4.3 Tbsp, measured as 4 Tbsp, 1 tspn. I was caught off guard by the sub-4’ time to drip, so didn’t get an exact measure, though the top chamber was full by 4:10”.


Today I was able to enjoy a boldly flavorful cup with an aroma to match. And, unlike past experience with mostly full filters (which coincided with lower brew temperatures), this mug was good to the last drop.

More so than the past couple days, I do feel the stronger, slightly more acidic aftertaste in the top of my throat, which makes me feel like we’re pushing this to the edge of enjoyability. 7.5/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I’d like to try and find the tipping point where bold brew gives way to acidic sludge, so I’m going to try adding one more teaspoon of grounds to the mix tomorrow, bringing the total volume to 4.7 Tbsp.

At this point, if the coffee is no longer tasty, I’ll consider it a wrap on the grounds volume investigation, and if not (which I suspect is unlikely) we’ll just keep adding more grounds (though there won’t be much room in left in the filter before long). If the investigation wraps before I finish the Arabica, I’ll simply finish off the bag with whatever my highest-rated parameters were and get back to you when I pick a new roast.

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