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Coffee Log 11

13 Sep 2018

Good morning. Before writing this review I did my morning HackerRank problem. I’m currently working my way through 30 days of code and on today’s problem I learned that you can include a derived class’ parent’s constructor in an initialization list to delegate the initialization of shared properties. Didn’t know that before!

In brief semi-pseudo code (i.e. I haven’t run it through the compiler):

class Person {
    int m_age;
    Person(int age) : m_age(age) {}

class Student : public Person {
    int m_age;
    int m_grade_level;
    Student(int age, int grade)
      : Person(age), m_grade_level(grade) {}

So anyway, onto the coffee.

Today I used ~3.7 tablespoons of grounds (measured out as 3 Tbsp, 2 tspn). Time to drip was 4:46” and time to completion was not captured.


Very strong contender today; I was impressed by the robustness, and glad to see we had some of the bold coffee flavors I’ve seen before coming back with this grounds volume. Warm, comforting aroma, and no clear deterioration in the flavor for the second half of the cup. 7.2/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

I’m going to keep pusing this line until I can’t no more; just going to add one more half teaspoon of grounds to the mix.

The one challenge I’ll soon be facing is that the pack of T Joe’s Arabica grounds is running low. It’d be nice to keep that consistent throughout this investigation, but I’m also not keen on missing the opportunity to introduce a new roast. We’ll see what happens.

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