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Coffee Log 07

09 Sep 2018

Welcome to the 1-week anniversary edition of the Coffee Log. Our brew has come a long way during these past 7 days, with daily ratings gradually climbing and brew times steadily falling.

Today is no exception to that trend.

Continuing our exploration of temperature, today’s brew sat on a burner set to 6 (compared to yesterday’s 5 and the prior days’ 4). Time to drip was a snappy 3:02” and after 3:33”, I was pouring my cup.


This cup of coffee shares a lot of qualities with yesterday’s, but for some reason I don’t find myself getting excited about the deliciousness in the same way. Maybe I’m a little extra tired and can’t muster the enthusiasm, or maybe the cup turned out a little more bitter, with the fun subtle flavors more suppressed.

Overall though, not bad, still much better than anything I brewed at burner setting 4, so I’ll give this one a pretty solid rating of 7.2/10.

Thoughts for Tomorrow

Given the only mild decline in today’s rating relative to yesterday, I’m interested in continuing this investigation of temperature. Tomorrow, I’ll set the burner to 7 and see what happens. I suspect that this is the highest I’ll go, but I could be wrong.

Another more general though moving forward is that I’d like to be a little stricter in my control variables, particularly in grounds volume. I’ve been eyeballing it every day now, and while I like to think I’m pretty consistent, there’s no real reason for me to leave it up to chance.

I had this thought when I realized that a slightly higher grounds volume could have been the cause of the slight extra bitterness today (rather than the temperature alone). However, since the volume hasn’t been strictly controlled, I can’t say for sure. Because of this, I might re-run the grounds volume investigation using actual, quantified volumes, then continue on with other parameters once the ideal volume is identified.

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