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My GPG Identity

31 Oct 2018

I’ve finally gotten around to properly reading up on GnuPG, using keys, and managing a trusted public identity. I’ve dabbled in the past, and this dabbling has resulted in a couple of keys with my name on them being published.

The TL;DR of this post is: my real GPG public key ID is FFB2398B.

Now that I’m closer to knowing what I’m doing, I’m going to try and consolidate my identity; I’m actively searching for the old keys so I can generate revocation certificates for them.

This is the fingerprint of the key I’m sticking with:

B1B7 F6AF 5308 49E6 6D9A  D057 C0BF CABC FFB2 398B

Please sign it if you trust that this blog is produced by yours truly :)

Oh! And happy Halloween.

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